SHEERS SBB – Portable Chemical Dosing System

Sheers identified that there was a requirement of our clients in the Water Utility, Industrial and Energy Sectors for a high quality PORTABLE chemical dosing system.

Our engineers were tasked with development of a product that was safe, suitable for use with a wide range of water treatment chemicals, inherently portable, suited to temporary or long term use and capable of providing accurate dosing control of chemicals.

To ensure that the system provides a cost effective solution to our clients’ requirements, standardisation of the product was required, hence the unit has been designed to be available in a number of STANDARD configurations and constructed to ensure broad compliance with customer specifications.

The SBB product is available with storage capacities of 1500 and 2500 litres, duty only or duty/standby pumps and integrated PLC. Tank fill arrangements and materials of construction are selected at the time of purchase to meet specific requirements.

SBB units are available for purchase or short or long term hire.

If you require any further information, please contact us via this website, email or call to speak to a member of our technical team on +44 (0)1325 353337.

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