Modular Builds

Modular Builds

Self Contained Chemical Dosing Systems

Sheers specialise in design, installation and commissioning of modular build chemical dosing systems – Off-site Build (DfMA). These systems range from small single tank and pump dosing units to multiple 15,000 litre tank systems.

Our kiosks are fully bunded with separate rooms for chemical tank storage, dosing plant and electrical/control equipment. Kiosks and enclosures can be upgraded to meet the requirements of LPCB – LPS 1175 SR3 or SR4 if required. Modular build is available for any of the commonly dosed chemicals and physical treatment systems, including:

  • P Removal (WINEP) – Water Industry National Environment Programme.
  • Fluoridation
  • Disinfection (Hypochlorite, Chlorine, UV, Ozone)
  • Caustic (pH)
  • Polymer and Polyelectrolyte.

The systems are fully fitted out at Sheers premises in Darlington (to the highest standards) and full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is completed before delivery to our clients’ site. This ensures that the customer can carry out key quality checks against standards and specifications. The systems are fully function tested ensuring they deliver the right solution application. Sheers offer a complete delivery and installation service and on completion of installation a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is completed prior to handover to the end user. Sheers are also able to offer full and documented training in the use of our systems.

 The following items are some of the key features;

  • Integrated Fill Cabinet with interlocking fill valves, fill lines and panel. The panel is fully equipped with a high-level warning beacon and tank level display.
  • Bulk Storage Tanks with automatic shut off valves.
  • Dosing skids with enclosed pumps, pipework, valves and instrumentation. These also incorporate leak detection devices to warn of chemical leaks which will raise alarms or shut the system down – particularly important for unmanned facilities.
  • Control panels with PLC control and HMI interface panel.
  • Heating and Lighting is installed to ensure systems can be maintained safely and to provide frost protection.

Other optional items may include;

  • Point of Application Cabinets
  • Dual Contained Dosing Lines 
  • Safety Shower and Eye Wash Units
  • Hazardous area units can also be offered and be tailored to meet customers needs. 
Chemical treatment kiosk on site

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