Powder and Granulated Activated Carbon Systems (PAC and GAC)

Powder and Granulated Activated Carbon Systems (PAC and GAC)

PAC System

We can design supply and install full PAC systems to suit the customers site constraints and process requirements. These usually comprise of dedicated fill points with panel and integrated alarm for high level warning. Storage silos, discharge units, screw conveyors, ejector units, control panels and all access steelwork for safe operation and maintenance. Our service offers our customers a full design and build package, with an option of 3D modelling to provide our customers with full visual plant walkthroughs of the system.

Precision Metering Unit – Continuous Dosing

A Precision Metering Unit with feed hopper assembly arranged to give a controlled, metered discharge of material. The unit is mounted on loadcells and will be supplied with a weight controller supplied loose for fitting into the main MCC panel mounting.

The unit is driven by a geared motor unit suitable for speed control via a frequency inverter incorporated in the control system. The unit will be positioned on a galvanised mild steel support frame. 

Ejector Package 

The system is designed to entrain, mix and transfer the maximum specified flow of powder to the designated dosing point. The Ejector package is mounted on a skid frame for easy positioning within the building and to reduce site installation work. The exact position of the Ejector skid can be adjusted to suit restrictions within the room and to ensure they are installed directly beneath the dry powder screw feeder discharge. 

We have generally used tri-clamp quick release type connections within the skid for ease of maintenance. This allows for quick and easy dismantling of the equipment for cleaning and inspection without using tools. 

In operation the motive water is started first. Once all the powder is entrained the hopper wash-down system is used to remove any powder residue from the hopper. The water can then be left running for a period of time to flush out any residual powder from the discharge pipework to prevent settlement when the system is switched off. However, operation of the Ejector system is simply ON or OFF. 

To minimise any airborne dust as the conveyor discharges into the ejector/hopper, we offer a stainless-steel dust cover. 

Motive Water Supply 

We offer a range of motive water booster pump sets to ensure the reliability of the mains water supply pressure and flow to the Ejector systems is maintained.  These can include water storage tanks with fully compliant water bylaw inlets and overflows and support steelwork to raise the tank off the floor. The pump sets can be single, dual or triple systems. 

Option – Additional Ancillary Equipment dependent on outcome of an ATEX survey of the PAC Plant

We can offer suitably sized dust explosion panels onto existing silo fill points or fitted to new silos these come complete with a rupture indicator.

Fill points are fitted with a proprietary tanker earth monitoring system (linked to the silo fill panel) to eliminate static generation during filling.

A Ground Level Testing Facility can also be fitted for – Hydrated PAC System & PAC System 

ATEX Certified equipment will be fitted to the PAC system with suitable zonings based on previous experience.

GLT Functional Test

The ground level testing facility is designed to carry out functionality checks of the equipment fitted to the silo roof prior to tanker filling without having to access the silo ladder and therefore minimising working at height risks.  It is now also practical to monitor the silo filtration and to test the silo protection equipment fitted to the silo roof from ground. This again reduces the need to work from height.

The test facility simulates high level being reach within the silo and that the level probe is functioning correctly. The Pressure Sensor test facility checks that the pressure sensor is working correctly and is not damaged or blocked.

The Pressure Relief Valve is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder and a positional switch which allows the PRV to fully extend and fully close to ensure the PRV is functionally correctly.

Filter Venting Unit: A digital indicator incorporated into the silo fill panel shows the pressure in the silo during the filling operation and if there is a significant increase on the digital reading this may suggest that the filter media may need cleaning or replacing.

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