Toxic Gas Valve Closure Systems
(Chlorine, SO2 and Ammonia)

Sheers are the exclusive agent for supply, distribution, service and support in the UK of Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. toxic gas emergency cylinder and drum shutdown and isolation systems

Sheers Limited are the exclusive authorised agent in the United Kingdom for supply, installation and ongoing service and technical support for Halogen Valve Systems, Inc Toxic Gas Emergency shutoff systems.

Halogen Valve Systems is the leading manufacturer of electrically actuated emergency valve shutoff systems for chlorine, sulphur dioxide and ammonia cylinders and drums.

If you feed Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia or other potentially dangerous gases from cylinders or drums, Halogens’ Emergency Valve Shutoff Systems can provide you with a critical extra measure of safety.

The system will stop a leak within seconds of detection by automatically closing the gas drum or cylinder valve. Halogens’ actuators quickly mount to  valves without the use of any tools, and still allow the valve to be manually opened or closed while the actuator is in place. 

Halogen Valve Systems are the only electrically actuated shutoff systems that confirm that the valves are torqued closed to the recommended values.  

The Halogen Inc. fully automated and microprocessor controlled systems can respond to a leak immediately minimising risk to personnel and the environment. Valve closure times are typically 1 second per valve.

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903 Duplex II Controller

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902 Hexacon III Controller

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803 Low Torque Eclipse XP Actuator

Product information for 803 Low Torque Eclipse XP Actuator

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