Lime Storage-Handling-Batching-Dosing

Lime Storage-Handling-Batching-Dosing

Powder Handling, Batching & Dosing

We can design, supply and install lime systems to suit the customers site constraints and process requirements. These systems will typically comprise of dedicated fill points with panel and integrated alarm for high level warning, lime silos, discharge units, screw conveyors, makeup tanks with agitators fully integrated dosing cabinets and control panels plus all access steelwork for safe operation and maintenance.

Our service offers our customers a bespoke design and build package, with an option of 3D modelling providing a full visual plant walkthroughs of the system.

Motor Control Centre

We have dedicated partners to supply us with fully integrated MCCs with PLC and HMI interfacing units. These can be Form 4 or Form 2 panels and a choice of PLCs can be offered to suit customer’s existing architecture/SCADA systems.

The control panels and software are fully Factory Acceptance Tested to verify the control philosophy and ensure that operating sequences prior to installation on site.

Dosing Skids

Our lime dosing skids are fully bunded with a hopper incorporated into the cabinet located directly under each pump.  The hopper ensures that any potential leaks from failing mechanical seals are contained within the cabinet. We also incorporate a leak alarm to shut down the system (or just alarm) to match the customers process demands until maintenance can be completed. Pumps are skid mounted to facilitate easy operation and maintenance.

Typical features include;

  • Fully enclosed cabinets with either lift out, hinged or sliding doors and hopper.
  • Lockable Isolation Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valve, Catch Pot Assembly and Leak Detection Probe
  • Flushing & Drain Points
  • Pressure Gauge with Chemical Seal
  • Flow Meter or Flow Switch
  • Local Isolation and Emergency Stop Boxes
  • Integral Light or Clear Sky light
  • Instrument and Valve Tags 

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