Analysers & Instrumentation

Analysers & Instrumentation


We offer a range of analyser and instrumentation systems carefully selected for specific applications and measurement parameters.

The analysers and instrumented systems can be assembled on back board mountings for wall fixing into existing client’s site equipment or complete with GRP kiosk assemblies. The kiosks are fitted out to extremely high standards and quality. They can be supplied with heating and lighting and optional sample pumps and ancillaries. Instrument kiosks can be security rated to LPCB 1175 SR3 or SR4 if required.

Sheers have developed sampling kiosks to meet ‘food grade’ standards to comply with stringent guidelines and regulations. These are often used within the water, food and beverage industries.

The analysers and instrumented systems selected are from our well-established supply chain that have been carefully selected with quality, accuracy and reliability in mind.

We use standard industry instrumentation for fluid measurement and can offer any analysers required including:

  • Chlorine Analyser
  • Turbidity Analyser
  • Manganese Analyser
  • Iron Analyser
  • Fluoride
  • pH Analyser
  • Colour Monitors

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