Chlorine Systems

Chlorine Systems

Chlorine System Specialists

Sheers specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of toxic gas dosing and control systems, including Chlorine, Sulphur dioxide and Ammonia. We have extensive experience of design for both liquid and gaseous applications, from single cylinder through to large multi-drum installations.

Due to the nature of these chemicals, the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment is of paramount importance. We make certain that the safety features incorporated into our standard designs maximise the safety of operators, employees and the general public. Each system utilises fail safe control and shutdown systems minimising the risk of a toxic gas release to the environment.

Our toxic gas systems are designed with safety at the forefront of the design and compliance with HSG(40) and HS(G)28 provides the cornerstone of our designs.

Our pneumatically operated ‘Remote Operated Shut Off Valve system’ (known as ROSOV) ensures that drums and cylinders are automatically shut off to contain any leaks without the need to enter the building. We also can incorporate full gas monitoring and controlled ventilation systems (including wet and dry scrubbers) to allow the building to be safely purged before personnel entry.

We are also able to supply and install the Halogen Inc electrically operated Valve Closure System where electric actuation is more suited to a specific application or the preferred option of our customers.

Our drum frame and cradle designs ensure that the drums are locked down to prevent rotation and allows maintenance and operational teams to work safely around the drums whilst wearing full Breathing Apparatus during drum changeover or maintenance activities.

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