Polyelectrolyte (Polymer) Dosing

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Sheers’ Client owned a Polyelectrolyte (Polymer) Dosing system which required re-design to allow safe access and maintenance.

The plant supplied controlled dosing of polymer to four belt thickener units at a waste water treatment site.  

Two issues were identified by the client as requiring correction.

  1. Access around the equipment, required to allow maintenance activities to be carried out, was poor.
  2. Polyelectrolyte leakage on to the floor was creating a slip hazard. Polymers are notoriously slippery materials! 

Sheers’ brief was to redesign the lay out of the equipment for better access whilst reducing the number of pumps in use to a single dosing pump per thickener (4) with a single installed spare. The design also needed to address the health and safety issues related the slippery floor area.

A further consideration, undertaken as part of the contract, was to fabricate the system off site, in a modular format, to minimise the site down time required for the equipment changeover.

The proposed and accepted design was to fabricate a self contained equipment platform lifting the pumps clear of the existing floor to marry with an existing walkway in the area. This allowed polyelectrolyte to fall through the open mesh flooring easing cleaning and reducing slip hazards. Operability of the system was improved with the mounting of pipe work, valves, flow meters and control equipment on vertical modular dosing boards.  

The installation addressed the maintenance, operations, access and safety issues required by the client with on site works optimised to a six weeks time from initial dismantling of existing plant to final commissioning of the plant.

The photographs below show before and after views of the production area – hopefully it is self evident which are which!

Polymer - Poly-electrolyte dosing pumps - waste water treatment - Sheers Limited
Polyelectrolyte dosing

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