Sewerage Treatment Works

Mechanical Screening

A Sewage Treatment Works had 20 year old screens which were providing poor screening of the incoming works flow causing major problems with the works machinery and allowing carry over of rags to the final effluent. 

As part of a continuing programme of improvements and development the client required a quick solution to the problem. 

Sheers were part of a team tasked with overcoming the problems being encountered.

Initially a set of existing undersized screens at another works were identified. These screens were removed, reconditioned and installed in the existing inflow channels. This provided the client with a swift economic and efficient solutionto their problem.

As part of the overall project, Sheers also provided a new MCC with motor drives, PLC control software and optical data links for communication to site SCADA.

The existing screw compactors were replaced by a package unit which resulted in greatly reduced solid waste from the works.

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

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